Wednesday, November 05, 2008

one step forward...

...two steps back. Progress. I keep trying to tell myself we had progress. But I don't feel that. How is it we had the YOUTH vote, the HIGHEST turnout ever, the DEMS came out and won the senate, the house, and the presidency yet on all local levels, I am still a second class citizen?

I could understand if the GOP was on board. I could rationalize that they came out in droves and squashed our community once again. But I can't. It's the "liberal minded" folks that supposedly ran the polls this year. It's the "left" that took on Washington and it wasn't just a matter of electoral - Obama won popular as well. So it's Democrats as well as Republicans that think I don't count. I do not matter.

AZ actually place in their constitution that marriage is between a man and a woman. Florida did much the same. Several states banned legal adoption for gay couples. California is still undecided but leaning to banning same sex marriage as well. It's been said before but seriously, you want to protect marriage then outlaw divorce. Give me a break?! People marry and divorce within 24 hours. My father and stepmother combined are EIGHT marriages...this is okay? This is something to make sacred? Is anyone even holding it sacred???? I can't count on TWO hands how many people I know just over the past five years that have been divorced more than once - that's how epidemic divorce is...please!

I am angry; furious. I nearly wept last night for the outcome of this sad country called the United States of America. United it is not! I couldn't bare to listen to our new president elect speak about the injustices of this nation and how we have overcome, etc. I do understand the historical relevance - it is a great day in history that this occurred, sad that it took so long, but it happened. How long before those who were treated with injustice learn to stop treating others with injustice. There were a lare number of Obama supporters that do not support "all men are created equal" and that's a shame. That is what is hard to swallow.

People talk a great bit but the bottom line is they do not have the open mind/heart they profess to have. They are not really ready for change. Obama wasn't a surprise; he was a given. I went and voted and should be grateful they led this lesbian do that, right?

I am more disenchanted with this country than before because the supposed "good guys", "my party" voted against me. Now what? I know, our time will eventually come to pass but what do I tell my children. How do I tell them their moms can't be married because we do not rate in this country? How dare anyone tell anyone else they aren't as good. I knew this was coming...yesterday was just this negative weight that I carry on today. I am so dissapointed.

This simply is not my country; they've spoken.

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