Tuesday, November 04, 2008

yea, yea, it's Tuesday...

...I'm filled with apathy. I don't doubt who will win. I don't know how any of our props got on the ballot - they all suck - they all accomplish nothing!!! What a waste of everyone's time. Can't even imagine what was NOT voted to be on the ballot?!?!

I will go, with twins, to wait, how long? Who knows? I am not excited this year. For that I am very glad. The last two just burnt me raw and now I feel nothing. If anything, I've become less patriotic (were that possible) and more disgusted with this country. If it were truly something I was free to do right now, I would seriously consider leaving it. It's not bad, it's not the greatest, and I'm sick of everyone's arrogance.

Someday, maybe.

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