Wednesday, February 25, 2009

monkees R Us

After a week of much controversy and apology Sharpton is still protesting and yelling. Okay, the cartoon was not funny - it was violent an in poor taste. The fact that this animal went wild and destroyed a woman's life and greatly affected another's (the owner), is sad all in itself. It wasn't something to find humor in. That is the greatest tragedy of this cartoon and people seem to have NO problem with that. No, they are focused on some self-inflicted racism. Yes, it is SELF-INFLICTED as I do NOT believe the cartoon was written with that intent. Never did. It was in poor taste based on the news it played off of. Period.

To say the statement made regarding the chimp reflected on Obama is absurd. He didn't write the bill. He participated but if you literally take what was said it reflected on congress not the president. I intended to write this post last week but just never bothered to do so. Now, after apologies have been made and the cartoon has been discussed further, in addition to Al getting his panties in a bunch STILL, I can't take it. Enough! You are creating the situation - not reacting to it. This isn't even helpful - it's damaging. Racism does exist - I'm not being naive. But you cry it for everything you can taint and no one will listen anymore. Hear of Peter Wolf much?

Bush was compared to a monkee all the time, REALLY compared to a monkee all the time, Here are a couple of examples from websites DEDICATED to mocking him. Not to mention the countless emails that circulated with similar pictures. Baby BUSH was compared to a monkee. This cartoon does not - it isn't even implied - the implication would be on congress.

As quoted in an AP article regarding the cartoon, the author stated:
"It's about the economic stimulus bill," he added. "If you're going to make that about anybody, it would be (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi, which it's not."

Still, Sharpton is screaming for his resignation - so much for free speech - at least for some.

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