Wednesday, February 25, 2009

S-E-X- Trade in the USA!

Phoenix is back on the map - er news for two 16-year old girls were arrested by vice for child prostitution. Apparently they are accused of being "madams" to a group of underaged girls being paid to have sex. The latest article on this is here.

This story brings a lot to question. If they were having sex with underaged boys for free would it matter? If they had sex with grown men for free who would be charged? If the girls are all the same age and participating on their own consent (without coersion or threat) than should the girls be charged with child prostitution?

This entire story and the idea that FIVE MONTHS was spent ($$PENT) on this is ridiculous. They should not be arrested but counseled. Show them a better life - give them training to acquire good paying jobs. Find out what is going on in their homes; investigate THAT. There's so much re: this story that just doesn't sit right.

The laws regarding prostitution, in the first place, is a joke. The entire VICE department is a waste of money. Prostitution: regulate it, maintain it, secure it, tax it, and hey, you'll be creating jobs!

Sarcasm aside, it is time for this law to be reviewed. It is illegal to get paid to do something that is okay to do for free...yea that makes sense. Cut these girls loose with couseling and job training. Prosecute the men (grown) that participated for stat rape. Although, today it is hard to tell how old anyone is so even that isn't so cut and dry; not to mention the girls consented (possibly) so this is just a mess created by outdated laws created by jealous wives to keep husbands in check during prohibition. Let's advance, shall we? the box...

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