Monday, March 02, 2009


...only two hours left of enjoying watching you. Did ANYONE see Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) on L Word last night?! I don't think she's ever looked so fantastic. While her and Tina were dancing their seductive "Back to Life" number I was captivated. Thank goodness for Tivo. I get to watch it at least another couple of times before I decide to delete it. Hmmm...maybe I won't delete least not until Swingtown starts up again. When is that coming back on anyway?

Well, I guess it's all due to Hon being in Vegas on convention. Took the whole week off so I could chill out with the babes. Got a lot of stuff done that I needed to handle - planted the garden, cleaned the house, pre-cooked meals for the week. Ahhh, the nice quiet, CLEAN house. I smile each time I walk in the door.

Hon asked if I was going by our friends to discuss some book details. We've been looking to meet up for a few weeks but haven't had time. Although I'd enjoy the brainstorming session I hate to use a "home alone" day to go to someplace else to hang out. I would much rather wait til everyone comes back home again. An excuse to escape for some me time, ya know? Anyway, back to it - got things to do.


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