Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner and some Rent

Date night - we went to dinner and Rent Friday night. Hon was wanting to see it so I picked up the tix a couple weeks back. Nice show - for a musical. Not a big fan of musicals when singing is ALL they do but it was a good show overall. The cast had great voices and we had good seats which helps. The kids have been playing the soundrack to death over the past 6 mos. so I warmed up to it, I suppose.

The evening itself was gorgeous. We walked down Mill Ave. to kill some time and it was the most perfect temperature with a slight breeze picking up the aromatic flavors from the cigar shop down the street. I almost wished we'd come down a bit earlier to enjoy a longer leisure walk.
Anyway, Grandma and Grandpa watched the babes overnight for us. After picking them up Saturday afternoon we all went out to eat and I caught some pics of Grayson - guess he was hungry. As soon as his older brother's dish was set down he dove right in and sampled the mash. Apparently it was too his liking because as he went for seconds he made the most of it and I got it all on "film" - sort of.

Yea, we'll be working on table manners very soon. But it was pretty damn funny to watch!

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