Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Annie met Mickey

Something truly magical occurred! These are just a few from Leibovitz for the Disney campaign they've been running for the past two or three years, I think... These are just some of my favorites. Looking forward to riding in Disney - feel like I didn't get to enjoy it to the fullest last time around being 6 mos. along and all :)

So - I have been planning, or trying to plan, a trip to LA (Cali) for some time.
It was to be a gathering of me and my sisters; we'd reconnect, get away, relax. I'd show them some places to eat (read E & O Trattoria!!) and chill out (read SHOP) on Venice.

Getting the details ironed out has been a bear but we're getting close. I need to visit Tony!

Make the water dance, my man, make it dance! "Where's the ocean..."

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