Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Pills

So the babes are walking about and getting into whatever they can. We established "the pit" (which is essentially the sunk-in living room and dining area) as a safety zone. No shoes/socks, chemicals, etc., or mouth-sized items are allowed in this area. Well, our old entertainment setup, now that they are standing on two legs, wasn't adequate.

See, Chloe likes to touch everything especially if you tell her no. She would mess with the stereo knobs, move the channel changer guides around so the TIVO couldn't change the cable box, and forget about the hand prints all along the bottom of the plasma. So, we went to our trusty Craigslist friends and scoured for a TV armoire.

We needed something at least 44" wide and preferably 72" or more tall that would enclose all the elements. Killing two birds, it would streamline the room from clutter, protect the equipment from troubled hands, and provide storage for the Rock Band gear - also protecting them from little hands.

After weeks of searching, I landed a goldmine. Two hundred buck, some hardware, and a few coats of poly stain and we had ourselves one heavy armoire. They stared in awe at the new furniture in their space. We set it up, put all the gear in, turned it on. They were in complete and total amazement.

Then Chloe, the pill that she can be, found the doors. Seeing his sister playing with them Grayson found the door on the other side and played along.

They are JUST in reach of those same little hands and all last night they played with them; of course, despite the "NO" cries from the couch.

Pic is awful but the cell cam doesn't have flash - you get the idea...she (on the left) is a pistol!

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