Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What money can buy...

In the news today...Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth gets 30 days in jail for a DUI manslaughter. Seems he killed a pedstrian while driving his Bently. After his release, Stallworth will face two years of house arrest but wouldn't you know, he can still play professional football.

Stallworth, at the scene, told the arriving officer that he was the driver of the car. He said, "I hit the man lying in the road." His guilt was never in question so why the plea agreement? This wasn't a difficult case to prove and he killed someone while intoxicated; this is not just some regular old accident. If we took a look at Miami's records, I wonder how many others indicted on DUI manslaughter saw a mere 1 month in jail.

On the up-side, his license to drive was revoked for life. Good thing he's still able to play his game to afford a driver. Stallworth agreed to a financial settlement with the Reyes family (the victim's family). Evidently the Reyes family was satisfied with the plea agreement considering a confidential settlement was made resolving the civil suit against Stallworth.

Did the family sell justice or did they make the best of a tragic situation? All the time in jail doesn't give them their love one back but money can apparently buy forgiveness and freedom. I can't truly fault them but where was the state's position in all this? They thought the sentence just?!

Even Martha saw more time than this....c'mon!

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