Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wrigleys Night Out

SWAY held a fund-raiser last night for Phoenix Pride and we attended with some friends to support the community.

Hon was going to be DD; since the boys are 6+ feet tall, the back of the SAAB wasn't happening so we took Patrick's ride. He plugged in the address, started his IPOD video, and we cruised down SR-51 to the Wrigley Mansion. I learned watching TV while riding in the truck was equal to trying to read while riding in a vehicle. Instant nausea...I do not understand how kids watch DVDs in the cars??? Oh, btw, I did manage to "suffer" my way through the Beyonce "Sweet Dreams" video - OMG she is looking stellar! Can I just say that? Hm, guess so...

After entering the mansion, we looked over the silent auction, lost at the raffle, grabbed a couple round of drinks and passed on the flying sushi that was walked by via platters. Geordie's had a limited menu but we chilled for some grub and met up with another couple of friends who had arrived earlier.

It was really nice to get out of the house for a few hours. Grandma and Grandpa came over to watch the babes at home. Taking advantage of the time, we headed to a club afterwards for a few more drinks and some music. DJ was a disapointment. Do they even have to have a mixing talent any longer?? The man was just throwing sshhhtuff out there...but it was still nice having some grown up time.

Getting in the door about 2am - thankfully I had the foresight to take the following day (today) off. After getting the babes breakfast, we laid down with them at nap time. THAT was really nice! Just having that time; nice night-leisure morning. Been a long time coming.

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