Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy busy weekend...

Had a great time this weekend with Hon and my sister. She's moving this Thursday for Oregon ... still working through that one. I purchased tix for the Fall Frenzy for our anniversary and Pink tix for Hon's b-day. When I asked my sister what she was doing she said she was seeing Rob Thomas on Friday and Pink, Sunday - what were we up to. So I said we were doing the same thing. "Really!?!" So for her last weekend in AZ we got to hang out...which was probably the most we spent time together, ever. Except when visiting my mother...maybe.

Anyway, the show Friday night was great fun. It was held outdoors at Tempe Beach and started at 4pm and went to midnight - the weather was perfect! Colbie Caillat started the show and was wonderful to hear live. Gavin Rossdale took the stage after Colbie and did some Bush tunes as well which I totally appreciated. The B-52s, whom I do enjoy, perhaps overstayed their welcome. They played more obscure (or new?) stuff that just didn't fair well at all ... considering the line-up I think they were just a bad match.

Jason Mraz re-started the crowd and did an amazing job...OMG...he was a pleasure to watch and made me a fan. "Dynamo of Volition" is by far my favorite song of his and as everyone said, he's a great live show!

Rob Thomas was the headliner and closed the evening with what felt like the quickest set ever. His set was cut short due to them running late and the city closing the stage down at midnight. So that was a bummer although, he did actually play for an hour but I suppose it just flew by. Hon and my sister swooned when he stepped up to the mic, along with half the crowd. All in all it was a very nice evening.
Saturday was Jo's b-day so we chilled around the house and then Sunday night met my sister at Westgate for the Pink concert.

Ting Tings opened - they were fun but nothing substantial. Retro pop sound with a nice up-beat party feel, they've had some airplay with "That's Not My Name" and "Shut Up and Let Me Go".
We scored floor tix - I bought them back in May - and met up with some friends near the stage. We were just left of the catwalk about four people from the stage. I would have really appreciated being taller but fortunately most of the crowd were near my height so it wasn't too bad.
The lights dimmed, a carnival-muscle-body guy came down the catwalk and began cranking this box. Suddenly, the stage floor opened up right beside us and Pink is being pulled up on this harness covered in an overly large feathered pink boa. She began making her way towards the stage by the time I got my cell phone snapping...DRAT!
Can't say enough about her performance. She was amazing; far exceeding any expectations. She sounds perfect live; danced beautifully, and even with a dislocated shoulder - she put on one hell of a show.
Her cover of Divinyls "I Touch Myself" was hot - slithering around a chaise lounge with hands coming through the fabric to "assist" her while she sang the lyrics...hmmmm.
Then she really opened up her Rock Chops when she sang Zeppelin's "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" which was OUTSTANDING! Her lead guitarist, sorry - don't know his name, was spectacular. The crowd was obviously unfamiliar with this song as they certainly didn't respond in kind. He was robbed the gratitude his performance deserved. Great job, Pink and if by some odd chance this blog should reach you - YOU NEED TO PUT THIS COVER ON A RECORD!!!
She also covered Bohemian Rhapsody, which Meyers brought back to fame with Wayne's World which is why I think the crowd responded as well as it did. She did a great job on that as well, and then covered Crazy, which the younger crowd knew...I did not. She sounded great and I actually prefer her version to Gnarls Barkley's.
The performance overall was very well executed and I'd compare it to a Cirque du Soleil in many aspects; the costuming and makeup, the choreography, and the style. I would recommend her show to anyone - she's a fantastic performer who you can see still enjoys performing and sounds even better live than in the studio - HOW RARE!!!! And her body is slammin...some of the costumes she wore really showed off her hard work.
You Rock, PINK!!!! I've even more respect for you!

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