Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tough decisions

Almost three years ago (Christmas 2006), my Hon bought me the car I always wanted ... a Saab.

I blogged about it, showed of pics, detailed her regularly, and now 33 months later, I still adore this car. Now this really says something. I, once upon a time, blew through cars every year. Not that it was economically wise but I would trade in my car for a new one just about every year. If I was over 50K miles it was time to go shopping. Once I cleaned my rims and the cleanser permanently scarred the finish ... time to get a new car. I would get bored, miss that new car smell, want something completely different (i.e. Jetta to 4x4 Tracker convertible).
Sad thing is, she's not feeling well. The engine light has returned, a couple of window motors have become fatigued, and she's some cosmetic issues both interior and exterior. The sun is damaging her vinyl touches and rubber moldings, and most importantly, she's jerking around on some morning and losing her pep; her zeal!

I've been eye-balling this Lexus IS250 with a/c seats, bose stereo, and shinier components...but I'm just riddled with guilt. In the past I've always had that pang of guilt when trading in the car but this one is different. I really want to keep her to maintain her, to retire with her. She holds a lot of sentimental value to me and I truly have not grown bored or tired of her but economically I may need to let her go. I don't know that I can do that.

Ideally, this transition won't occur for at least 6 months or more. I have that time to really get to compare the pros to cons list and figure out what's best for both of us. I'd like to think she would end up with someone who loves and appreciates her as much but there's never any guarantees of that. I'm her second owner - 2 is my fave number - that says something, somewhere, right? Yea, not so much but there's still this connection. I knew the moment I saw her at the end of that lot I was taking her home - she would be mine to love and cherish. Yea, I'm not sold on giving her up - everyone's telling me it's time to let her go but I'm not convinced...not yet anyway.

When we get on the open road and I'm using the manual shift, the moonroof open, and the stereo pumped, I can tell she's excited. Even Hon can tell when she's in the mood to run. That's the sweetest feeling...absolutely no hesitation...I actually have to hold her back! Tough decision indeed. Glad I've time to consider.

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