Monday, September 07, 2009

Santa Monica Pier - 100 YEARS OLD!!!

On September 09, 1909 the Santa Monica Pier opened to a crowd filled with anticipation. What was originally built as a public utility service, the SMP has proven to be an icon worthy of all the visitors and community that play and enjoy all that she has to offer. The 1,600 foot long pier began in 1908 and took 16 months to finish. The purpose? ... to carry sewage out to sea. How wonderful!?

Fortunately, the imagination and interest of the community squashed that idea. Fishermen began flocking to the edge since opening day. Popeye, the famous cartoon character, is thought to be created after Olaf Olsen, a retired sailor that frequented the pier.
People would come to enjoy the outdoors, stroll the pier, spend time with family, and within a few years plans were drawn to add an amusement park.

In the 1920s the Ferris Wheel was erected and the landscape remained the same ever since, despite efforts to tear it down in the early 70's for a resort. The community rallied and protested and created a historic preservation for the pier. Tragedy struck again in 1983 when storm after storm left the pier missing a third of itself - donations and determination allowed the pier to make a comeback.

It's a wonderful vision - after 100 years - to see that ferris wheel in the sunset. Just down the road apeice is my favorite locale, Venice Beach home to Muscle Beach - and other eccentric sorts of afternoon frivolty. What a spectacular place to go - now that summer is over it's that much more magical, in the autumn weather with the season over, to stroll the boardwalk and mosey down the pier.

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