Sunday, January 17, 2010

Been sick forever... I haven't been to work which is where I tend to

So much has gone on in the past couple months. We had the kids' party again this year and they had a blast.
Chloe and Grayson were a bit more put off by santa than in the past. They definitely behaved like twins when it came to checking out the bearded man - Grayson got a bit more upset though and vacated early regardless of gift in hand.

Finally, Chloe found another GIRL friend in the mix - all of our friends have boys except Angel who is a bit older than Chloe so when Taylor Rae came along we were ecstatic - she's her new buddy; they played with ponies all night and we are really looking forward to playdates!!

Gray hung out with the guys - as usual. He was ready to charge after nap time. The kids decorated cookies, played outside in the yard, and hung out watching movies.
It looked like snow on the ground with all of the popcorn left behind...dogs had a field day when they were turned loose on it!

Hon took tons of pics - I think her final count was somewhere over 400 - she gets very excited about her new toys!

We got group shots of the kids (for the most part) and a group shot of all the adults (although some were forced) and everyone had a nice time.
The kids really enjoyed themselves, they get to see Santa, have their pic taken without the mall line, and spend some time with each other just playing around and eating good food (and desserts!!).

We had a blast during the White Elephant - Deb stole the prize everyone wanted and we had some laughs - this year we also had some parents' moms make it which was very awesome.
It is interesting to see how the kids grow and change, especially towards Santa. Looking forward to hosting next year already!

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