Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow pics

Finally got SOME of the pics from our trip to Flagstaff. Hon was sick so not everyone went.
The weather was beautiful - 49 F with blue skies and sunshine which was great since the BOGOs refused to wear gloves or mittens... think it freaked them out as if their hands went missing. Anyway, they had a blast; looking forward to going again really soon with the whole family now that I know they can handle it.

I was a bit nervous on how they would like the snow and the cold, etc. They both enjoyed the hills very much - Gray and I even took the bigger hill on and he smiled from ear to ear!

The kids really had fun with them up there as well - that's why the eldest came in the first place - didn't want to miss their first snow experience. She swears she is going to steal them some day. Get in line, sister!

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