Monday, January 18, 2010

How fast they grow!

The first pic is her at 6wks that I was emailed from the owner when I "found" her. The second is her at 7 wks after we took her home.

Here are also some new pics of the kids with Sasha. She's 8 weeks old today! These pics are actually from last week so she's already grown since THESE pictures. Such a big girl and getting the potty training down fairly long as she has that doggy door.

The girls are getting along fabulously - they are playing together and walking the yard as a pack! Ally, the 15 yr old, probably spends the most time with her which just makes me so very happy - *sniff* welling up already just writing it...anyhow, (breathe) I am very glad she fits in so well. Ally needed her as did I and the kids. Hon isn't crazy about puppy pee-ness but it's a phase that they will both get!

She really took to Chloe - attacks her every chance she gets and Chloe will call her name, pat her legs, and make kissy noises to get Sasha's attention. It's so cute the way those two get along. Grayson likes her until she starts kissing his face - then he starts crying and looking for higher ground.

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