Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is Jolie this gens Foster?

Since I first read Atlas Shrugged I knew Dagney Taggert was all Jodie Foster's to play should it ever get to silver screen...there's been previous posts to this in this blog...somwhere. And in that same prev post it was also mentioned that the buzz in hollyland was Angelina Jolie was eyeing the role or they were eyeing her...whatever.

Now I read recently that Jolie will be playing Kay Scarpetta, the character from Patricia Cornwell's detective series. Apparently back in 1992 Patricia herself was soliciting Foster quite heavily to take on the role only to be turned down because of the recent Lambs role she had just rec'd an Oscar for.
I think it is a missed opportunity for a great film series with Foster. The character was written by Cornwell as mature, sexually confident, and at the height of her career - much like a woman of Foster's caliber. The screenwriter however, and powers that be, are re-creating the character to be younger and not quite as confident so she can grow with the series ergo making the studio more money for more films in the's always business and always money!!! Will the art suffer? Don't know - Jolie is quite a competent actor to say the very least but I do miss Foster's face - she just doesn't do enough it seems.

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