Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Book! Looking forward to reading...

Read entire article on NPR. A portion was excerpted below:
"The investigation of Bill Clinton began in January of 1994, when Attorney General Janet Reno appointed special prosecutor Robert Fiske to head the Whitewater investigation. Fiske's appointment, writes Gormley, first "prompted universal praise... among Republicans."

"The praise lasted for several months — until Fiske wrapped up his criminal investigation within six months of his appointment. The short investigation, combined with Fiske's announcement that there was "no evidence that issues involving Whitewater, or other personal legal matters of the president or Mrs. Clinton were a factor in [Vince] Foster's suicide," caused Republicans to declare Fiske "unfit for the job," writes Gormley."

In December of 1997, Starr shut down the Whitewater investigation due to insufficient evidence. A month later, Linda Tripp called Deputy Independent Counsel Jackie Bennett and said she had taped conversions with Monica Lewinsky about an affair with the President.Gormley says the time he spent writing his book led him to believe that the Clinton impeachment was a precursor for today's divided political landscape."

I believe this point of view - that this incident was the catalyst for our country's divide. I recall prior to Bush that the emotional factor between red and blue didn't exist...at least not to the degree it does today.
When Gore and Bush went at it in 2000 it was a blood bath in my office. You were either Gore or Bush there were no fence sitters - hell, we were still fighting over the impeachement. It brought people to tears when they GAVE Bush the win...and make no mistake, FL Courts handed it over - but that's for another day.

A switch was pulled in the United States and whether Starr was manning it or if it were the Republican Party it doesn't really matter anymore. It's not a question of who put this country on its side by flipping the switch but how do we turn it off?

How do we rid ourselves of these two corrupted groups of individuals claiming to work in our best interest? It's painfully obvious they DO NOT work in OUR best interest. If we could get the majority of registered Repubs and Dems to change their voting status to INDEPENDENT ... maybe THAT would wake up Washington! Maybe that would let them know to move off their platforms and hypocrisy and back room dealing pork barrel spending BS!

So, I am changing my voter's registration to indicate Independent from Democrat. Not that I don't appreciate the TRUE party's platform but those who "serve" currently are an embarassment on BOTH sides of the line. Wouldn't it be nice if THEY were laid off and had to live on unemployment today...Get a real job!

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