Sunday, March 21, 2010

New car!!!

So I read this article last week about the era of the classic car dying. They showed pics of a Shelby Cobra, Gullwing, '62 Ferrari 250, Pierce-Arrow, Shelby Mustang, Aston Martin, '57 Jaguar XKSS Roadster , Bugatti, among others.

LOVED the Bugatti. By far one of my I looked it up on Google to find out more info and saw the latest and thought, Oh yea, I want that in my collection some day.
I've always said - if I ever won the lottery I would need a large garage. Well, add this one to the list. So I'm looking online at their website and can't find a price. Okay -well it is high end so no surprise. Shopping further I find a model of the vehicle in 1:8 which is awesome!! It is also $4,300 - yes FOUR THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED for a MODEL!!!

Turns out the Bugatti is THE TOP most expensive vehicle one can purchase. Starting at $1,700,000 the tag goes up to $2,000,000+ for a convertible with all the trimmings...go figure. Told hon she needs another job. She said she is working on it.

PS - not mentioned on the list...bunch o' crazies!...was my all time favorite classic, the '67 Corvette convertible.

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