Monday, March 21, 2011

No wonder at all...

To the left, the new and "improved" look of Wonder Woman as due in theaters near you sometime soon with the wrong lead actor...but that's another post entirely. To the right, the classic, lovely, iconic Wonder Woman of small screen we will always cherish and measure all things Wonder Woman to...any questions?
What a disaster, left!


Diana said...

I LOVED wonder woman as a kid! She was HUGE back in the 70's..Yes I am that ancient :)

NOONE can replace the original actress! I am even sooo privilaged to be named after her...Diana :)

Am i taking it a smidge over the top?

Malifacent said...

Diana Prince - loved the show - I too, am that ancient, I guess. I don't think you can go over the top when referring to the wonderfulness of Wonder Woman.