Sunday, March 13, 2011

Someone once told me when you have expectation of people they are bound to disappoint you.

So does this mean you shouldn't have them? They are set too high? Or that it is merely the inevitable consequence considering the fallibility of humankind?

I asked these questions to myself, as I have been disappointed time and again(as have we all). Then I asked myself, "Do I live up to these same expectations?" Well? Do I? On some I do and others, not so much.

I am not the parent I thought I would be or would have expected myself to be, I am inferior to what my expectations were/are - shameful.
I haven't spent more than an hour a week with any of my dogs (or collectively) in a couple of seasons - disgraceful!
I haven't financially or intellectually accomplished what I feel I should have or am capable of - wasteful.

So what do we do with this information? Is it trade-off time? Do we rationalize what we have from what we want from what we do from who we are? Is this where pride is weighed and tossed or held onto for dear life? Do we eat our words, our foot, some crow?

It's interesting how as we get older things truly do become less black and white and just when you think you are in the grey zone you realize you're nooot quite there yet. Tick tock tick tock...


~minta~ said...

from what i see in your beautiful fotos of your family? & read in the comments on your FB are being way to harsh on yourself ...we all strive to be more...thats what goals are & what keep us going...chin up are beautiful inside & out. =) as for the expectations?...i finally tattoo'd it on myself to remind me..."no regrets"...namaste'

Malifacent said...

Thank you - appreciate the kind words. I still need to improve and that's not a bad thing just a little introspection going on, I suppose. Kids are all right! LOL!