Monday, October 17, 2005

Sooo close...!!

Well, the first contract has been signed, sealed, and delivered. My honey has made her first sale as a real estate agent and I am that much closer to leaving Big 'brother' Blue as I will be cared for by my love.

GEEZ...if you believe that I've a bridge to sell you.

Actually I've found it quite difficult this past weekend coming to terms with the notion my girlfriend will very well probably make more money than I next year. Now I've always been the 'bread winner' and I've always liked it that way and as much as I'd love an increase to the household income, as long as I'm the winner in the battle of bringing home the bacon, it's cool. WELL, that's all about to change and in many ways I am hopeful that it does, it will be a welcomed challenge to my own 'pigdom' that I've essentially developed. There's nothing wrong with not being the primary income maker and that will allow me more time to get things done around the house and garden etc.

DEEP BREATH...however, until I actually manage and conquer the challenge, I'll be eating quite a bit of crow and trying to keep my feet in my mouth so I don't say anything stupid, or at least nothing worse than has already been said. I must say, she's been a good sport about it and at least for the moment, is really enjoying teasing me about being the woman of the house barefoot and ironing her slacks and blouses...yea, right! Only that once babe!!!! LOL! So I made her breakfast the other morning, it was out of love, not not duty love not - it was of love.

Yea, the feminist in me has teeter-tottered on the verge of acting like a stereotypical offense to anyone, it is a huge generalization but you know what I mean that whole cave man image....? Yea, so not me however he has thawed a touch and is peeking through my subconscious so I don't know how things will pan out but at least I HAVE MY OWN BLOG, damnit!!!

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