Friday, March 31, 2006


Just blew into town, Palm Springs, and didn't make it to the beach today on account of rain. Nonetheless I am so happy to be out of town and it helps being in PS because the weather here is absolutely lovely. Sun is muted through some cloud coverage however no rain and NO SWEAT plus we have a patio to a beautiful green yard which is right next to the ADULT pool.

Got to love wireless and this hotel actually supplied internet anyway - but it's still pretty damn cool. Okay so I'm new to the whole laptop convenience factor.

Well, heading into the shower to get ready for dinner and paaaarrttttyyyy. So I'll be blogging atcha later.


DrM2B said...

soooooo....where the F is the "I'll be bloggin at cha later" part?!?!? and we dont need to read how wonderful the weather is...and the "adult"pool..and how how "in gushy,gooey love U are in !"...BLECH!.... LOL

Goeve said...

Yea, I was busy...but I'll have pics downloaded hopefully tomorrow so I can share. Although, she did advise me tonight she lost the pics of the pool party...and there was MUCH sight seeing going on there I'll tell ya.